Another rainy day...

2:16 PM

It feels like it's been raining in Jersey for weeks now! We had a good week of 80 degree days, but that now seems so long ago i can barely remember it. It's just a distant fuzzy dream...

hah okay, down to seriousness. Not that baking and planning are that "serious" but we're moving on!

My family (or parts of it, rather) are going over to the best grandparents in the world's house for dinner and much laying around watching my brother playing the wii time tonight. Since I didn't have very big plans (or really, any) for today I begged my mommom to let me make dessert for tonight.
quickly after hearing that my mom begged me to make Paula Deen's flourless chocolate cake that she had seen bakerella's Blog (bakerella is just the cutest, isn't she? and so creative- I hate her for it!). It was such an easy recipe it's crazy! 

anyway so while ive been waiting for it to cool off, or rest, or take a nap- or whatever it's doing! I've been working on the plans for a fundraiser I'm planning for Cornerstone Pregnancy Center . They're a great organization my mom volunteers for doing ultrasounds for women who can't afford them or don't have health care. They have a "baby boutique" where the women can get anything fro baby clothes to strollers and diapers for the babies. They're a great organization and I was just overjoyed when they loved my idea to have a big baby shower fundraiser for them!

Baby shower!

The other day I put together a "color pallet" for the event. Very basic colors for a baby shower (pink, blue, yellow and green - a little cliche but so cute!) and you can kind of see the flier/invitation I'm working on for it. Unfortunantly, since my computer died, I still don't have photoshop so I had to resort to printshop (blech!). anyway, I just put in the date I'm hoping to get but I don't go till tomorrow to talk to the church hosting the event to get a definite date.

anyway...back to cake!


ahhh! I saw it coming but just couldnt stop it! the one side just fell right off...oh well I guess its a perfect time for a test test! and I must say, its like the most heavenly fugey-ey brownie-like cake I have ever had! even the edges are moist and fudgey-not at all hard or crunchy! It is definetely one of my favorite cakes and will find itself on my "to bake" list again soon I'm sure!

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