Steak 'n' Potatos

9:00 AM

The beginning of this week I wandered into my local butcher shop and picked up a beautiful cut of filet mignon. You see me and my boyfriend are restaurant whores. at least once a week we're driving up to philly to have dinner at any of the fabulous restaurants in the city (all of whom I like to review on yelp!). While its fantastic to go out and have such fantastic food, we figured we should cut back a little and I offered to do some cookin' for us. 

Filet Mignon

ahh beautiful pieces of meat right?

I marinated them both in olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh pepper for a few hours. I then cooked them on a stove for about 3 minutes on each side and then stuck them in the oven for about 10 minutes (we like it medium wellish). and of course you can't have steak without some sort of potatoes, and what in the heck is better then mashed potatoes?! and to make it all healthy theres a few vegetables on that plate (hehe)..

Steak 'n potatos

It was pretty good if I dooo say so myself (and I do!) 

For dessert we had some of the flourless chocolate cake that was leftover from yesterday with vanilla iced cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon (mmmmm!).

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  1. Wow don't let my boyfriend see this... He'll be at YOUR house for dinner soon! Lol :P


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