a taste of the south...

1:24 PM

another day of rain....everyone's feeling lethargic and lazy. Ever since it started raining I can't even bring myself to my morning ritual of yoga. *sigh*

even the animals are just laying around!


my poor baby is exhausted!


even my sister's insane three-legged cat was laying around!

anyway...so for lunch I decided it was just one of those days you need to curl up with a bowl of chili and warm cornbread.


mmm cooking on the stove!

The one thing I have enjoyed from moving back into my mothers house is cooking from scratch almost every day. Either I'm making lunch to take to my sister at work or a "gourmet" dinner for me a my boyfriend. Whatever I'm making I try to always make it from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible. The thing I love about all these food blogs that have been popping up is knowing that there's actually americans out there that are making real food! not just stopping at KFC for dinner or pulling out a frozen meal-but are actually making something! I think everyone out there who is refusing to give into settling for a soggy hamburger deserves a round of applause!

Anyway... I don't have an exact recipe for my chili but I always start by sauteing onions and bell peppers in olive oil and a tad bit of cinnamon. then I add a big ol' can (well hopefully not OLD) of pureed tomatoes and 2 small cans of red kidney beans. then I just add in plenty of salt, ground pepper, red pepper, and chili powder. nothing fancy. just simple and delicious.

and here it is...


what? you didn't think I'd stop at just chili right? I am a firm believer that you can't have chili without cornbread! and what goes better with chili and cornbread then home-made sweet tea!

I end by saying mmmmmm!

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